Holiday Occasions

What’s The Occasion?

Balloons, fireworks and a bottle of Dom Pérignon on ice; there’s nothing like a good old celebration to honour a happy occasion. Whatever you’re raising a glass to (perhaps just the fact that it’s Friday), we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure you have a ball.

Time to Celebrate

In life, there are so many reasons to celebrate. You may like to mark your small wins – like getting to the end of a hectic month or achieving a fitness goal you’ve been working towards – with a trip away. And why not? You may also like to mark bigger occasions with a special getaway. We cater for any and all occasions, offering five-star holiday homes in various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. Perhaps you’re planning a family reunion, a milestone birthday, an engagement party, an anniversary do, a retirement celebration or a gathering to toast life after being given a clean bill of health. Whatever the occasion, we’re here to make it marvellously memorable.

Experiences for Every Occasion

So, how will we make your holiday marvellously memorable? Enter Harbour Experiences. Besides the gorgeous property, stunning location on the south coast and extraordinary service we’ll provide, we can also arrange unforgettable experiences for you and your group. We’ll create a complete bespoke package appropriate for your occasion, whether that includes water sports adventures, dining experiences, tickets to the beach polo… or whatever floats your boat. Oh, yes, and boat trips.

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