Welcome to Sandbanks, a coastal gem nestled on the Dorset coastline, renowned for its unrivaled beauty and exclusivity. 

This prestigious enclave is more than a destination; it’s a lifestyle that seamlessly blends coastal luxury with the pristine wonders of nature.


John Lennon said a lot of memorable things. One being: ‘Sandbanks is the most beautiful place I know’. In 1965, he bought his Aunt Mimi a house on Panorama Road, now dubbed ‘Millionaire’s Row’. Walk along this desirable street, marvelling at the design of each impressive house (if you can see beyond the gates, that is), before heading to one of the affluent area’s excellent eateries. Dine in style at celebrity chef Rick Stein’s restaurant, where you may be so busy gazing at the panoramic view of Poole Harbour that you forget to tuck into your oysters charentaise or Cornish lobster. For more casual dining, try Oriel, Caff and Lazy Jacks.

Sandy Shores

Walk down to the award-winning Sandbanks beach, where you’ll not only be able to rent a beach hut, barbeque in one of the designated areas, hit some golf balls, and go all ‘Top Gun’ at the volleyball nets – you’ll also be able to step inside The Saltwater Sauna, an authentic Finnish wood-fired sauna. Feeling brave? Spend some time getting toasty in there, then dive into the sea for the ultimate hot-cold experience. If you’re after a more conventional way to relax, Sandbanks Massage Centre will be able to iron out any knots your body may have and encourage your mind to drift away.

Maritime Playground

If drifting sounds appealing, many water sports companies will be happy to offer lessons, tours or equipment hire. Try sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, kitesurfing, jet-skiing, water-skiing, wakeboarding, ringo riding or aquatic jet-packing. Splash!

Another vessel you might like to ‘charter’ is the chain ferry, which will take you across to Studland Bay. From here, explore everything the Purbecks and Jurassic Coast have to offer. Or venture no further than Shell Bay restaurant, just off the ferry, where you can choose to dine inside or chill on the deck in one of the hammocks. Gently swaying with a cocktail in hand is highly recommended… and may just have you agreeing with the legendary Lennon.


  • Plenty to do and see in the area, and some very nice pubs/restaurants and wine bars also within a 10 min walk

    Sally | September 2021

  • Sandbanks felt like we were abroad! The area was absolutely beautiful and we’ll definitely be back.

    Sophie | July 2023

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